Ohhhhhhh but this experience I’m Curating for you at the bottom of the earth, and the most beautiful place in the world…

El Jadida is one of the most beautiful places that I’ve even been in the world. If you like the water, boats,  unique 1 of 1 spa experiences, cultural exploration AND you want to get a FULL day of business coaching from me… you’ll want to join me in El Jadida in 2024.

As you know-I create the activities to match the location so that you see the BEST parts and get the richest experience that I can provide.  You have a year to get your mindset and your outfits ready to walk along the beautiful beaches with me….

El Jadida Activities Included in Payment:

Privately Lead Yoga

A Full Private Tour of Casablanca 

Deluxe Private “Pink” High Tea

A Full Day of Group Coaching and Masterminding

Luxe Spa Experience ( at one of the top spas in the world )

Retreat Schedule:

  • April 16th Arrive in Morocco ( Opening All White Welcome Dinner )

  • April 17th ALL Day Group Coaching and Masterminding

  • April 18th Privately Led Yoga Session + El Jadida Tour

  • April 19th Content Session + High Tea

  • April 20th Spa + Swimming Day

  • April 21th Group Excursion


Private Rooms $3600

Payments ( After $300 Deposit )

$825 June 1st

$825 August 1st

$825 November 1st

$825 January 1st

Double Rooms $3200

Payments ( After $300 Deposit )

$725 May 1st

$725 August 1st

$725 November 1st

$725 January 1st

There are 100% No Refunds on any payments for Rising Power Retreat or to M. A Enterprises, LLC

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